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Bug#319201: kiax Debian packages

Mark Purcell wrote:
On Wednesday 27 July 2005 00:24, Mikael Magnusson wrote:

I have updated iaxclient from the current CVS and made a new release
(iaxclient_0.0+cvs20050725-1). I had to use the local copy of speex in
iaxclient for this release, since iaxclient currently depends on a patch
that hasn't been applied by upstream yet.

Can you submit a patch in the BTS against speex to get that patch included in the Debian version of speex.

I'll do that, when I get that patch that I have requested from the iaxclient developer.

I'm building my packages in a pbuilder chroot running sid, and it seems
to work.

I think both my iaxclient and portaudio packages are ready and I would
be glad if you could sponsor. You find my packages on my web server[1]
and Debian mentors[2].

They build fine here. Once ftp-master is back up, I would be happy to sign and upload.

Nice, I noticed that you have uploaded the packages already. But they were rejected since the orig tar-balls were missing (-sa needed in call to dpkg-source?)


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