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Bug#319742: ITP: dvdisaster

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

URL: http://www.dvdisaster.com/
License: GPL

dvdisaster provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD
media caused by aging or scratches.

    * dvdisaster creates error correction codes to compensate read
errors which are not correctable in the CD/DVD drive.

    * dvdisaster tries to read as much data as possible from defective
media. Afterwards unreadable sectors are recovered using the previously
created error correction code. The maximum error correction capacity is

If you create the error correction code file in time and keep it at a
safe place, you have a good chance of recovering the medium contents
from typical read errors and to transfer your complete data onto a new

Address:        Daniel Baumann, Burgunderstrasse 3, CH-4562 Biberist
Email:          daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net
Internet:       http://people.panthera-systems.net/~daniel-baumann/

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