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Re: Re: BZFlag going Closed Source with it's next release

Hi Jeff,

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 10:24:09AM -0700, Jeff Myers wrote:
> It looks like most of the text from your "conversation" was taken from a 
> very old discussion logs about possible ways to combat cheating in game. 
> In the end a closed source authentication module was determined to be 
> more trouble then it would be worth. We just like to discuss all 
> possibilities when looking into solutions

> Please do not fabricate things about our project that are not true and 
> have no basis in reality. We care a lot about our project, and are very 
> proud that it is included with debian. We are rather small, and do not 
> need rumors like this.

> I would also like to add my complaint about Mr. Obiran. We have had a 
> fair amount of problems with him, up to the point where the 
> administrators of freenode had to temporarily kline the entire network 
> he was using.

Well, that would certainly explain why he now exclusively uses tor services
when connecting to FreeNode for purposes of harrassing Debian folks.  I'm
glad that you didn't find it necessary to use a closed-source auth lib in
the end, though of course little Mitchy's opinions do not at all reflect the
position of the Debian project on this question.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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