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Re: BZFlag going Closed Source with it's next release

Oh sorry, I didn't know it was a 'joke'. How am I
supposed to know when peeps are lying to me? Other
projects have gone closed source.

Death To women's Rights.

--- Jeff Myers <jeffm@GibbsCAM.com> wrote:

> umm, it's come to our attention that Mr. Obrian here
> has been posting 
> untrue things about our project.
> We belive this is because he is bitter about being
> baned from our IRC 
> channel after posting repeated infalmitory remarks
> about women, and 
> other subjects.
> BZFlag has no plans to go closed source, ever.
> I find it personaly sad that he would even sugest
> it.
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> Jeff Myers
> my.bzflag.org
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