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BZFlag going Closed Source with it's next release

JeffM2501 is one of the bzflag devs.
JeffM2501 the auth lib is going to be in it's own lib
JeffM2501 closed source

JeffM2501 2.2 is going to increase the masterban list
to the point where it's compiled into the code
mikeeusa you lie
JeffM2501 where it will search out mac addresses and
ban them for us
mikeeusa that doesn't make sence
JeffM2501 nether does our map format, but we still use
mikeeusa why would you have the ban list compiled into
the code...
mikeeusa you couldn't update it then
JeffM2501 so that we can prevent some people from
playing, even if they change IPs
JeffM2501 the really bad offenders
mikeeusa they'll just take it out of their code
JeffM2501 there will be a checksum and not allow moded
clients on public servers
mikeeusa what the fuck
JeffM2501 like punkbuster
mikeeusa you serious?
JeffM2501 public servers will be "virgin"
JeffM2501 yeah, we've been looking into the tech
JeffM2501 cheating has been a big problem
JeffM2501 why do you think we put in the masterban and
global auth?
mikeeusa so if I get on the master ban list... then my
client will work against me?
JeffM2501 that's the diea
mikeeusa ill just hack it and have it send the correct
mikeeusa you loose
JeffM2501 you don't know C :)
mikeeusa I know enough
mikeeusa I've fixed things before
JeffM2501 the auth lib is going to be in it's own lib
JeffM2501 closed source
mikeeusa what?
mikeeusa then no linux distro will carry bzflag
JeffM2501 it'll probalby swap us to the non free part
of debian apt, but most everyone has that for there
video drivers now anway
JeffM2501 linux distors come with nvidia driers
JeffM2501 they are closed source
mikeeusa I'm going to post this to the deb list
mikeeusa and source forge
mikeeusa *
mikeeusa slashdot
JeffM2501 we'll ship an open source updater
mikeeusa and get you shut down
mikeeusa fucknuts
JeffM2501 shut down?
mikeeusa making an oss project closed source
JeffM2501 we can make any software we want
mikeeusa yes source forge will also remove you
JeffM2501 it's each distro's idea to cary it
mikeeusa if you have close source things
mikeeusa yes source forge will also remove you
mikeeusa if you have close source things
mikeeusa it's their policy
JeffM2501 we won't keep the auth lib on sf
JeffM2501 all software on SF will be open source
mikeeusa they will still shut you down
JeffM2501 no
mikeeusa yes it's policy
mikeeusa you're going down
JeffM2501 only if we break it
mikeeusa and you will
JeffM2501 no
JeffM2501 if you have no auth lib it will still work
JeffM2501 just not for public servers
JeffM2501 so all the software on SF is full open
source and GPL
mikeeusa you are going to be removed
JeffM2501 when the game runs the first time, if you
want public access
JeffM2501 it goes and gets a difrent module
mikeeusa bzflag is over
JeffM2501 web browsers can be used to get closed
source plugins
JeffM2501 all the time
mikeeusa you are going down
JeffM2501 so you are going to remove firefox as well?
JeffM2501 it does the same thing?
mikeeusa I don't use ANY closed source plugins fuck
JeffM2501 that's YOUR choice
JeffM2501 firefox supports the closed source flash
JeffM2501 and supports downloading and auto installing
of it
JeffM2501 you don't have to use our auth module
JeffM2501 and it won't ship with it
JeffM2501 it's your choice
mikeeusa yes I do
JeffM2501 why?
mikeeusa If I want to play the game even on my server
JeffM2501 lan games will work perfectly
JeffM2501 you can play on your server just fine
mikeeusa can I have a public server that does not
require auth
JeffM2501 sure
JeffM2501 just not on our list server
JeffM2501 on any other
JeffM2501 or your own
JeffM2501 or via direct domain
mikeeusa what the hell

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