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Bug#315900: RFP: hummingbird -- Asychronous Scanning Engine

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name    : hummingbird
Version         : 1.7
Upstream Author : Mike Schiffman
URL             : http://www.packetfactory.net/projects/hummingbird/
License         : BSD(?)
Description     : Asychronous Scanning Engine

>From the web page:

"Hummingbird is a module-based asynchronous scanning engine.
It is a generic platform useful for scanning large sets of
target devices in very short periods of time. So we can get
better acquainted, let's qualify some of those terms:

  * Scan: to construct and send packets or frames across a
    network and decode and record the responses (or lack
  * Large sets: Targets on the order of several hundred to
    several hundred thousand devices
  * Target devices: IPv4, IPv6 or Ethernet devices
  * Short periods of time: Packet injection and capturing is
    split into different threads of execution enabling
    complete asynchronous execution (the above example took
    two seconds to scan 53 hosts because hummingbird had to
    wait for the responses before exiting -- if it didnt
    wait, the program would send its packets and exit long
    before all of the responses would have had a chance to
    trickle in. Trust me, this scales much better for large
    target sets)"

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