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Bug#311597: anyterm build issues

Including a
custom version of ROTE with anyterm would probably cause the package to
be rejected.


Have you considered forking ROTE

So do you think that forking a custom version is good or bad?

As I said this may become an issue if / when I need to make further changes. For the time being I am happy with things as they are. I have not had any feedback from users complaining about the current arangement. There are more important things on my to-do list than solving this problem.

or asking Bruno to allow you to take a
more active role (like CVS commit access)?

So what would I commit? If I wanted a change, I would send him a patch. But if I submit a patch that causes binary incompatibility, that will cause problems. (Or, at least, it causes issues that *I* don't properly understand. I don't know who is using ROTE and for what.)

* apt-get install gets the files in place, but the module remains
* Document well all potential security issues and provide references for
external reading (including the anyterm web pages/forums).

OK, but you need to present a default configuration where users have *no excuse* for ending up with an insecure system. People will always tend to do the minimum that is necessary to get something working.


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