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Bug#312740: Packaging of rote and anyterm

package wnpp
owner 311597 "roberto c. sanchez" <roberto@familiasanchez.net>
owner 312740 "roberto c. sanchez" <roberto@familiasanchez.net>

Well, it seems I don't have a lot of options now, do I? :)
OK, since you want to maintain them so much, they're yours.
But please, next time look at the ITPs before packaging something, it's a shame to have duplicated work. As I said, I have made the rote packages too therefore I have some notes on your packaging: a) librote-dev should depend on libncurses5-dev (you'll find out yourself when you try to pdebuild anyterm ;) b) You _have_ to package 0.2.6+20050511 (CVS snapshot). It has some very important fixes - without them anyterm doesn't work very well, read the anyterm homepage. c) (minor) Upstream COPYING has LGPL v2.1 - you are referencing "LGPL version 2 or newer" in debian/copyright.

I'm CCing Phil Endecott, upstream author of Anyterm who has offered to help.
Please look at the discussion in #311597, Phil has made some interesting suggestions.
Good luck, I'm looking forward in seeing these in Debian!


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