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Bug#315340: RFA: kbear -- graphical ftp client for KDE

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I hereby put kbear up for adoption.

This KDE package is not easy to maintain, mainly because upstream has
been silent for some time and there have been some rather nasty and
hard-to-find bugs that needed fixing.  Nevertheless, people still use
this package so it would be nice to have someone look after it.

You will need a good understanding of Qt/KDE programming, since you'll
probably end up doing all the bugfixing yourself and the code is
somewhat complex.

The version currently in debian is 2.1.1.  Upstream released 3.0alpha a
couple of years ago, but I chose not to upload an alpha release.  I'd
also recommend against uploading 3.0alpha to the new maintainer without
some very thorough testing and inspection, since all signs suggest that a
beta/final release is never likely to appear.


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