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Bug#245825: bug#245825: retitling

retitle 245825: ITP: newpki-server -- PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API (server package)

I'm retitling this bug since I'm willing to maintain packages for
newpki-server (the description has been changed, and the mention
needed for OpenSSL is present in the upstream license).

Here is the new description:

 Key Infrastructure (PKI) are designed to manage certificates
 on a long term. All the data are handled through a MySQL database,
 which provides a convenient frontend to OpenSSL, and options such as
 seeking a certificate with a search engine.
 The actual version is able to handle multiple Certificate Authorities
 in one server, to publish a certificate request from a Certificate
 Signing Request, to certify a request, to revoke a certificate and to
 manage one or more Certificate Revocation Lists. It also able to search
 for the waiting requests or certificates, to respond to OCSP requests
 and to seek in and publish to LDAP Directory.
 This package provides the PKI server.
 Homepage: http://www.newpki.org/

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