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Bug#203896: Processed: I'll take yydecode

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>>I currently use this package to handle yEnc files which pan proves 
>>unable to decode, e.g., because the first post is missing. Advantages 
>>over sharutils are, if nothing else, being less than an eighth the size.
> Can you please review bug #177370 and let me know whether it makes
> sense to keep this package (i.e. does uuencode/uudecode really have
> this functionality or not).

I just tried uudecode (from sharutils 1:4.2.1-13), and it does not seem
to support yEnc at all.

According to
sharutils contains the only "uudecode" in Debian, so I'm not sure what
the commentor in the bug was talking about.

I guess I should go ahead and start preparing an updated package for

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