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Re: Nexuiz 3D FPS

Also... you're wrong in needing the windows app:
Yeah there is and Nexuiz uses it, fteqcc. Toddd
already pointed that out to the Debian devs as far as
I could see so there should be no problem I guess. The
size comment I don't really understand since there
must already be some pretty big packages in debian and
the packaging system is intended for all software
without size being a factor...

Part of the FTE QuakeWorld project. FTEQCC boasts many
unique features, language constructs, and even some
optimisations. FTEQCC is probably the best QC compiler
if you're after the smallest progs. It's also the
compiler with the most C like code.

FTEQCC was origionally begun to supplement FTE's
FTE_MULTIPROGS extension. It was coded primarily by
Spike, from id's origional qcc source code though it
does contain a fair ammount of FrikQCC code and ideas
(thanks FrikaC). There are contributions from others


So... you going to keep this wonderfull FULLY GPL'd
game in the rubbish bin because of bullshit?

--- Mitch Obrian <mikeeusaaa@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Previously some of you decided to scrap nexuiz
> because, although it was a 100% GPL'd game it was
> "too
> big" (nevermind that vegastrike data is pretty
> fucking
> big aswell) or "you need a windows only program to
> play with the pk3 file. Hmm... well midnight
> commander
> was atleast able to open that file up just fine...
> but
> the thing is... that file is 100% FUCKING(added for
> no
> reason) GPL'd. YOU CAN STILL INCLUDE IT. There's
> probably an opensource version of that tool
> somewhere
> anyway. 2nd... not packaging that tool DOES NOT
> THE ABILITY TO PLAY THE GAME. Oh wait... we don't
> have
> an opensource level editor.... should we scrap the
> game because of that too.
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