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Bug#315103: ITP: imms-bmp -- Unobtrusive, automatic, and learning BMP playlist manager

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

There is already a IMMS package, but it requires XMMS and only works
with it, so I decided to build IMMS with BMP support.

Unobtrusive, automatic, and learning BMP playlist manager
IMMS is an intelligent playlist plug-in for BMP that tracks your
listening patterns and dynamically adapts to your taste.

Major features include: 

 - Rating and playlist adjustment are done completely transparently to
   the user. IMMS is super easy to use!
 - Though IMMS will mostly play "good" songs, occasionally less popular
   ones are given a chance to earn your favor.
 - IMMS does a better job of shuffling than BMP.
   It is able to recognize different versions of the same song (eg. remixes)
   and not play them too often.
 - IMMS uses smart file identification that allows files to keep their
   ratings even if they are moved and/or their tags change.

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