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Bug#265762: ITP: tpop3d -- tpop3d is a fast, extensible, secure UNIX POP3 server

My two cents -- and to answer Andi's question...  I don't know of
any other pop server that supports the constellation of features
in tpop3d.

In addition to an extreamly flexible authentication backend, it
provides extra data to the system that no other popper does: the
hostname of the IP address of the accepted socket.  This allows for
IP-based virtual host of email.

Other notable features are: post-authtication actions -- built-in
support for mysql-based POP-before-SMTP; indexes of mbox-style
mailboxes so that mbox-style mailboxes don't have to be so very very
slow; and TLS/SSL connections.

I wish I could find an IMAP server that did as much.  I'm using 
dovecot and it's missing the IP-based virtual host support; the
post-authentication action support; and some of the authentication

Despite my reluctance to avoid things that aren't pre-packaged for
Debian, I went and compiled tpop3d for source to run on my Debian box.

As for his other question about what to drop...   Half of the pop
servers in Debian are part of a suite (courier-pop, dovecot-pop3d,
libroxen-pop3, xmail) and should be kept if the suite is kept.

Of the others, the only one I've used is qpopper and it could be
dropped in favor of tpop3d.  The default config for tpop3d should
be with password authentication and mbox format mailboxes.  That
would make it a drop-in replacement. 

One of my employees tried teapop and said that it sucked and 
apt-get remove'ed it.  I don't know why.


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