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Bug#311597: Happy to help

I'm the author of Anyterm. I'm a Debian user and would be very happy to help with packaging in whatever way I could - though I currently have only the vaguest idea of what happens inside a .deb file.
I was going to contact you before uploading. I guess I'm lucky you found me first :) Thanks for your offer! I don't have any questions (yet) but if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me ;-) I'm going to package the "development" version 1.1.1. There are lot of reasons for doing that, but I think the most important one is the 64-bit fixes. Any objections?

I think that the major issue with installing this is security. At present, people have to read the instructions and so should have some idea of what the security implications are before installing. If they can just "apt-get install" it, they miss that. I am really hoping that someone who has some experience with security auditing, preferably in connection with Apache, will take an interest.
Actually, I was thinking to _not_ auto-enable the site in Apache. Instead I'm going to provide the example Apache configuration (in /usr/share/doc/anyterm/) with BIG warnings about the security implications. I think it should be enough.


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