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Bug#314882: O: xfs-xtt -- X-TrueType font server

Package: wnpp
Serverity: normal

 I intend to orphan the xfs-xtt package.

Description: X-TrueType font server
 This package provide X-TrueType font server. This is compatible  normal X
 font server, but added X-TrueType font handling scheme support instead of
 FreeType backend. XFree86 4.0's font server can handle TrueType too, but it
 can not handle TTCap. By using TTCap description, support for font
 transformations, such as slanting, adjusting glyph width, pseudo-bolding, etc.
 xfs-xtt is a daemon that listens on a network port and serves X fonts to X
 servers (and thus to X clients).  All X servers have the ability to serve
 locally installed fonts for themselves, but xfs makes it possible to offload
 that job from the X server, and/or have a central repository of fonts on a
 networked machine running xfs so that all the machines running X servers on
 a network do not require their own set of fonts.  xfs may also be invoked
 by users to, for instance, make available X fonts in user accounts that
 are not available to the X server or to an already running system xfs-xtt.

   After the xorg package is uploaded, I'll remove this package from sid
  when no one take over this package. Because...

 * Current xfree86's xfs package can handle TrueType fonts (but can not
   handle TTCap).

 * xorg's libXfont unified X-TrueType engine to FreeType engine.

   xorg's xfs also can handle TrueType fonts and can handle TTCap
   description. So, it is possible to replace the xfs-xtt.

 * xfs-xtt use X-TrueType engine. Maintenance of the X-TrueType
   engine has already stopped considerably before. Old X-TrueType
   engine code was dropped from source tree (on both xfree86 and xorg)

 <ishikawa@debian.org>, <ishikawa@netvillage.co.jp>

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