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Bug#189523: (forw) Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

(Martin, I want to double-check that "cce", which you proposed to
remove is not critical to Chinese users....the answer below shows that
it can be remove with no problem)

Quoting Cai Qian (caiqian@gnome.org):
> Hello,
> The new version has lots of bugs, and I tried to patch it some months
> ago. While there have still some bugs unsolved. The upstream author does
> not maintained it anymore, and you can't find any release file at its
> sourceforge homepage right now. I suggest to remove it from Debian as
> soon as possible. For Chinese support in console, please use zhcon,
> screen and etc.

OK, thanks for the answer. Actually, my only concern was that no-one
in the chinese community notices this and the software be a key

>From your answer, this is obviously not the case, so we can easily get
rid of that package.

Thanks again for the quick answer.

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