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Bug#279503: ITP: ffmpeg2theora -- Theora video encoder using ffmpeg

Hi Gergely and Kevin,

I'm just wondering if you are still interested in packaging ffmpeg2theora. I notice there hasn't been any activity on the ITP bug since mid-April.

If you are not interested in packaging it, I would be interested. I created packages for ffmpeg2theora myself (started from scratch because I couldn't fetch Roland's packages -- the connection was timing out). I'm not a DD yet, but I don't think it should be hard to find a sponsor for that package.

If you are still interested in packaging ffmpeg2theora, I wrote a manpage for it that you can use for your own package. (I also edited the configure script so that the program compiles using sid's ffmpeg.)

My package (with the manpage included) can be downloaded from:

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