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Bug#312897: ITP: texlive -- The TeXlive system packaged for debian

On Son, 12 Jun 2005, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > It is one the one hand a live dvd, but also one of the most complete TeX
> > systems. There are several differences between tetex and texlive,
> > especially wrt the granularity of packaging. See the discussion on
> > tetex-maint ML which I had with Frank Küster, maintainer of tetex. In
> > fact he asked me to file the ITP as we are working on this.
> So there are going to be two full distributions of TeX in Debian?

If we succeed in packaging texlive, yes. Is there an inherent problem
with this? The advantage of texlive is a more finegrained package
structure, the advantage of tetex is that it is here, now, fully
supported, well developed, working. Maybe in the future we can have both
worlds, fine grained and fully working. ThatŽs the reason Frank and I
are working together.

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