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Bug#282283: Ceasing dselect work

I do not plan to pursue this RFH any longer.  I now see
why Scott lost interest.  If someone reading this wants
to develop dselect, he is invited to step right in.

Partial rationale:

In studying the dselect source, one of the things I did
was to go over and use aptitude for a while.  I had
never really used aptitude before, so I wanted to see
what made it different.  Unfortunately for dselect
development, what I discovered was that I prefer
aptitude over dselect.

There is an old question in Debian as to whether and
when developers should compete against one another in
attacking the same problem separately (witness Gnome and
KDE, for instance).  The right answer to this question
depends in my view on the specific problem, projects and
personalities involved.  Sometimes it seems better to
standardize on one project; sometimes it seems better to
compete.  It depends.

In the specific case of Debian package management, my
view in the matter has shifted somewhat since I first
replied to this RFH.  I now tend to feel that the Debian
Project should standardize; that we should encourage
Debian sysadmins to use aptitude, layered atop apt,
layered atop dpkg.  If dselect's interface is preferred,
then let this be further layered *atop aptitude*.
Dselect as an alternative to aptitude should probably be
deprecated by us.

If anyone should pursue this RFH further, my well wishes
go with him.  Good luck.

Signing off.

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, USA
+1 540 961 0920, t@b-tk.org, thb@debian.org

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