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Bug#311597: ITP: anyterm -- web-based shell

retitle 311597 ITP: anyterm -- web-based shell
owner 311597 !
clone 311597 -1
reassign -1 wnpp
retitle -1 ITP: rote -- VT102 Terminal Emulation Library

I found out about anyterm today (I don't have a LWN subscription, so I lag a week ;) and I'm interested in packaging it. It seems like an easy task. anyterm needs the rote library, therefore I'm cloning this bug as another ITP (actually, I have this ready to upload). I already have a sponsor (IANADD), but since you made the RFP, you can evaluate and upload the package if you want.

* Package name    : rote
* URL             : http://rote.sourceforge.net/
* License         : LGPL
 Description     : VT102 Terminal Emulation Library


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