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Bug#283578: hot-babe_0.2.2-1_powerpc.changes REJECTED

For the record, the package has been REJECTed after being held for 6
months by ftpmasters on the following grounds:

quoting the original message I received:

Subject: hot-babe_0.2.2-1_powerpc.changes REJECTED
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 10:00:02 -0400

Hi Maintainer,

I decided to reject this package out of NEW.
Sorry, but I cant see the use of this compared with the thousands of
cpu-monitors we already have in the archive.
- Its *very* imprecise and to actually get it to change images needs
  more than just a kernel compile
  (in fact in my test I never got it to change pics - i just got it to
- Hell, there are much easier ways to get some interesting pics on the
  display. :)
- We already have thousands of packages in the archive. And our users
  have problems to find whats important, so we constantly try to not add
  things that only increase archive/mirror size/packages list and stuff
  and are not worth it or where there is not much userbase expected.
If you completly disagree with me you are free to
- provide users with an own little repository for it. apt-ftparchive is
  easy and  helps there.
- complain with a reply, stating some very good reasons to try to change
  my mind.
- Start a threadevel, similar to the first big hot-babe flamewar.
  But don't expect something useful out of a flamewar. :)

There have been some mails exchanged between the ftpmaster and me, and
nothing worthwhile came out of it, so I won't struggle any more to get
this package in.

Thibaut VARENE
Debian, Ubuntu and Kernel hacker

It is never wise to assume that genius programmers cannot do something
because the incompetent or mediocre cannot.        -- Eric Raymond

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