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Bug#297346: getting albert in shape

retitle 297346 ITA: albert
owner 297346 !

As I am working on a package of AspectL (ITP 311420), whose documentation
is generated by albert, I try getting albert in shape to not provide an
undocumented package.

In its current state, albert neither works with CMUCL (probably others)
(#312277) nor with SBCL. For the first issue, I have a solution ready.

The issue about SBCL is: SBCL uses SIMPLE-STRING for strings since
the time it supports UTF-8, no matter if the string really has UTF-8
characters. This is perfectly fine by the HyperSpec, as it does not
require implementations to use the "strictest possible" string type.

However, Albert (and also cl-xmls) assert SIMPLE-BASE-STRING for their
XML strings, that may only contain ASCII. This is IMO the wrong way of
assuring that a string is ASCII-only, but it breaks Albert and
cl-xmls (probably others) for SBCL.

	René van Bevern

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