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Bug#298998: O: kernel-patch-2.4-supermount-ng -- Automatically mount and unmount removable media

Hola Xavier Hienne!

> >I believe that supermount-ng is an important feature that should be in 
> >Debian.
> That's my opinion too.


> >I'm willing to work in a team with anyone interested in this package.
> I'm ok to team up for this package. Are you still interested ?

I'll be glad to work in a team.

> >Mmmh, lots of new kernels to test.
> I already have a working patch against the debian 2.4.27 kernel source.

That's great.

"I'd rather listen to [Isaac] Newton than to [MicroSoft's] Mundie. He may
have been dead for almost three hundred years, but despite that he stinks
up the room less."	--- (Linus Torvalds)
Saludos /\/\ /\ >< `/

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