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Bug#312078: RFA: ht -- Viewer/editor/analyser (mostly) for executables

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the ht package, even though I just recently
adopted this package myself, see #300592.
My original intention back then was to start digging into the package
in order to learn more about executables, yet I quickly found I'm not
knowledgable enough at all to maintain it properly. Nonetheless I'm
going to try sorting out all the remaining issues right now, so please
get in contact with me before adopting this package.

The package description is:
 This program is a file viewer, editor and analyzer for text, binary,
 and (especially) executable files.  Please note that this is a beta
 version of the program.  Therefore HT is incomplete and sometimes
 buggy. Enjoy anyway...
 For more info (e.g. keybindings) see the README file!
 1. Supported file formats
      - common object file format (COFF/XCOFF32)
      - executable and linkable format (ELF)
      - linear executables (LE)
      - standard DO$ executables (MZ)
      - new executables (NE)
      - portable executables (PE32/PE64)
      - java class files (CLASS)
      - Mach exe/link format (MachO)
      - X-Box executable (XBE)
      - Flat (FLT)
      - PowerPC executable format (PEF)
 2. Code & Data Analyser
      - finds branch sources and destinations recursively
      - finds procedure entries
      - creates labels based on this information
      - creates xref information
      - allows to interactively analyse unexplored code
      - allows to create/rename/delete labels
      - allows to create/edit comments
 3. Target systems
      - DJGPP
      - GNU/Linux
      - FreeBSD
      - OpenBSD
      - Win32
 Homepage: http://hte.sourceforge.net/

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