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Bug#311787: ITP: lincity-ng -- City simulation game with polished GUI and graphics

Florian Ernst wrote:
> maintainer of the lincity package here since I took over from John, and
> I concur. Even more, recently I found myself less and less inclined to
> spend more time on lincity, so I'm wondering whether you might possibly
> be interested in collaborative maintenance / taking it over...
> The package seems to be in good shape right now and up to date in
> unstable and experimental, respectively. There aren't any problems
> that I know of.

The lincity-ng developers try to merge both projects in the future, but
haven't received feedback from the lincity developers yet.
So, what about leaving both separate for now and converting lincity to
a transitional package in 6-12 months (depending on how fast lincity-ng
matures and the merge goes on)?


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