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Bug#311479: ITP: Nexuiz -- 1st person 3d shooter

Hi René!

* René van Bevern <rvb@pro-linux.de> [050601 11:23]:

> > Well... since the downloadable zip ist with 161MB quite large (140MB
> > game date, 4MB sources, some binaries), this might become an inofficla
> > package at my private repository, seems to be a bit too big for the
> > archive ;)
> How about providing an official package without the game data but with a
> tool that downloads and installs the game data? On package
> uninstallation, it could remove the downloaded game data.

I think I will do that, since there is a funny problem with the
gamedata:  You need a windows only tool (qcc2.exe), to compile the game
data into a for the game usable form.

It's a pity, although the entire game is released under the GPL, it will
need to go into contrib :(

Yours sincerely,

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