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Bug#293805: O: prcs -- The Project Revision Control System

* Donovan Baarda <abo@minkirri.apana.org.au> [2005-05-19 09:59]:

> I dunno if this was a new package maintainer, or an upstream maintainer. 
>  I was volenteering to be an upstream maintainer, but due to personal 
> things I need to get out of the way (relocating from Melbourne to 
> Dublin), I haven't chased it up yet.
> I am still keen to help support it upstream, but it will probably be a 
> couple of months before I can do anything.

Please, get in touch with Josh MacDonald, the upstream author.  Notice
that he has not been very responsive these last times.  The last message
that I received from him almost two years ago had the address jmacd AT
google DOT com.

The PRCS project is hosted at SourceForge (http://prcs.sf.net/) and
maintained in a CVS (!!!) repository.


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