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Bug#308364: RFS: waste-daemon package

Hi all!

I'm requesting a sponsor for the waste-daemon package.

From the ITP:
"* Package name    : waste
  Version         : 1.5b3
  Upstream Author : Waste Team <waste-public@lists.sourceforge.net>
* URL             : http://waste.sourceforge.net/
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Software product and protocol that enables secure 
distributed communication for small trusted groups of users.

WASTE is designed to enable small companies and small teams within
larger companies to easily communicate and collaborate in a secure and
efficient fashion, independent of physical network topology.
The package would be in two parts: server - with small dependances and
client - wxWidgets dependant."

As waste is a servent, I made a daemon - and not a server - and a wxwidget 

The package for wxwidget requires wxgtk2.5.3, so I have to wait a little, but 
the package for the daemon is now ready!
There were remarks about licence and safety issues, and I tried to patch it.
There was also little difficulties because it cannot run without a proper 
So, I hope to have any remarks about the package!

You can find it here:
deb http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian binary/
deb http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian source/
(Obviously you can also browse it..)



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