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Bug#241287: ITP: xmms-musepack -- Musepack plugin for XMMS

> Are you aware of http://www.musepack.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=197?
> 1.1.2 won't compile with the current version of the decoding library.

Exekutor (author of the post) is veeeeery mistaken. :) I've compiled it
without any problem. I have some problems running the xmms plugin on amd64
(this architecture I'm using personally), but tha's another story.

> It'd also probably be better if you linked it against libmusepack
> dynamically; I've ITPd it at #292105 and there's a public SVN of my
> packaging scripts at
> http://svn.sacredchao.net/svn/quodlibet/trunk/debian/libmusepack.

Yes I'll do thak. I'll wait for Your package. Thaks for the repository link,
I'll start the work with your package of libmusepack. :)

I've sent this message to  Joe Wreschnig, however it also should appear 
here. :)

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