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Re: Work-needing packages report for Sep 3, 2004

* Norbert Veber <nveber@debian.org> [2004-09-03 10:52]:
> Suggestion - I can't speak for others buy every time I get this
> email, I just simply search for the words "NEW", and look at only

I agree that the weekly postings of the WNPP list to d-d-a is probably
not very effective.  I personally delete the posting without reading
it and I think that most people do the same.  We briefly had a chat
about this on IRC today and a number of people expressed their

This is what I intend to do:

 - send the weekly posting to debian-wnpp instead of d-d-a

 - only include new entries (and provide a link to the web pages
   listing all packages)

Unless there is major disagreement, I will go ahead with this and
announce the change to d-d-a (and mention that people can install
scripts such as wnpp-alert from the devscripts package).

(After sarge is out, I also intend to go through the WNPP listing and
remove some cruft.)
Martin Michlmayr

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