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Bug#307356: RFA: animal -- AN IMAging Library written in C (development files)

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the animal package but I am willing to help the
new maintainer or to sponsor the upload.

The package description is:
 AnImaL is an imaging and computer vision library written in C.
 Differently from most other toolkits, it is intended to provide
 the maximum functionality by making strong usage of similar
 libraries. It is intended to be a common API to the best free imaging
 and computer vision libraries already available, such as ImageMagick
 and Gandalf.  By defining a common API and using external libraries,
 AnImaL selects the best implementation available in them to implement
 a particular algorithm. This way AnImaL unites the best from the
 other libraries it uses.

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