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Bug#295728: Debian package for peercast..

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On 02-05-2005 11:55, Beauxir5 wrote:
> hi!
> I send you an email because you are maintaining icecast-server or icecast2.
> I have made a package for the P2P streaming server peercast -
> www.peercast.org - , using mainly icecast-server package as backbone.
> Then I have asked for a sponsor at debian mentors, but could not get any, so
> I'm asking you as I hope this package can interest you.
> All the stuff is located at:
> http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian
> an can be included as a repository:
> deb http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian binary/
> deb-src http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian source/
> Any remark, comment would be welcome.

I do not want to sponsor your package, but I am willing to temporarily
adopt the package until you become an official Debian maintainer.

I consider "package sponsoring" to be broken - a bad hack that should
never have been invented. You are most welcome to help out maintaining
the package while waiting in the new-maintainer queue: file good
bugreports with your suggested improvements to the package. If you want
to provide proof of your packaging skills then do local packaging and
attach the .diff.gz file from your local package to the bugreport you
file requesting improvements - and point your DAM to those fine
bugreports of yours indicating perfection in the skill of packaging.

I am aware that adopting your package instead of sponsoring it for you
will not get you "points" for getting into Debian. I relly want more
people into Debian, but I believe it to be stupid that "knowing someone
already inside of Debian (or persuade someone unknown) to sponsor you
gets you raises your chances of getting in" is fundamentally wrong.

I believe packages are best maintained by those the package maintainance
scripts was build for, and has access to all communication about the
Debian project, including the secret (and too active IMHO) mailinglist
debian-provate@lists.debian.org .

See http://bugs.debian.org/112118 for a similar discussion.

Kind reagards,

 - Jonas


I cc'ed this email to the relevant bugreport as well, for the record

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