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Bug#305456: O: perl4caml -- Use Perl code in OCaml programs, runtime library

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Richard Jones wrote:
> About 2-3 weeks ago I put the latest perl4caml and a working debian/
> config into subversion on alioth.  Can someone help me to upload this?
Sure.  How do want to have this package maintained?  I know that you are
subscribed debian-ocaml-maint(or at least have posted several times),
but I don't see you in the NM queue to become a debian developer.

Do you want to

a) be the "package maintainer" and prepare all uploads to debian (ie:
whenever some ABI changes and it needs a recompile).  This is usually
done by official debian developers, or those aspiring to become one.
However, if you want to do it, I'd be happy to simply sponsor your uploads.

b) just be the upstream author and let a debian person (me I suppose)
handle the uploads and be the "maintainer" of the debian/ directory.

Of course, the reality of the svn repo is that you can do pretty much
anything in between.  How would you like for this to be handled?

- -Mike
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