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Bug#301510: Processed: retitle 301510 ITP: tinyerp -- ERP and CRM for small to medium businesses

Le Mercredi 30 Mars 2005 09:55, vous avez écrit :
> It would be better to judge if I would have access to the source
> packages (*.tar.gz, *.dsc and *.diff.gz).
well everything is on the server ....


> | * the  '#!/usr/bin/python' is omitted in many .py files
> I think this is intentional: they are only used for importing them.

yes i did that just to squash a few lintian warnings. 
Furthermore it seems that lintian doesn't recognize '#!/usr/bin/python2.3' as 
a correct header and throws the 'python-script-but-no-python-dep' error tag. 

> What did you do with pydot (seperate license)?

That's a good question :))
It seems to me that this License is compatible with the GPL , but i'm not an 
More generally we could have a very modular approach for  tinyerp-server and 
build distinct packages for each add-on (account, base, crm, marketing, 
By the way i think we'll have to do so for the i18n files 

> I thought more of actual co-maintainership [1] for both of the packages.
> This is certainly preferable if you are not an official Debian Developer
> (yet?) ... then you don't have to search for a sponsor :-)

Sounds good to me :)
I've already made several packages but never really tried to make them 
official ... I'm using debian for a longtime and now i want to get more 
involved in the community. So i'd be happy if you 're ok to be my sponsor :)
By the way, there's no problem with me if you want to be the 'primary 


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