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Bug#276439: Packages available


Just a status update.

Although I haven't uploaded Plucene packages into Debian yet (due mainly
to some problems with the mass of dependencies[1]) I do have an aptable
repository of it and associated packages that can be used to install it.

You can do so with

deb http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/debian/openguides/ unstable/

The name "openguides" relates to a complete application[2] that is my
personal reason to be preparing Plucene packages.

Please feel free to use and bugreport (to me) these packages, so that
they can go into Debian when the time comes.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/01/msg00112.html
[2] http://openguides.org/

Dominic Hargreaves | http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/
PGP key 5178E2A5 from the.earth.li (keyserver,web,email)

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