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Bug#299771: ITP: ttf-antp -- Antykwa Poltawskiego font family

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Adam Borowski <kilobyte@mimuw.edu.pl>

* Package name    : ttf-antp
  Version         : 0.51
  Upstream Author : Bogus³aw Jackowski, Janusz M. Nowacki and Piotr Strzelczyk
* URL             : http://www.janusz.nowacki.strefa.pl/poltawski-e.html
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Antykwa Poltawskiego font family
  Long desc       :
 This font was designed by Adam Poltawski in 1923-28 as a result of his
 research on readability of letter forms.  Even though this typeface is
 pretty dated now, and the readability of screen fonts obeys different
 rules than it does on paper, this font still beats Bitstream-Vera when
 applied to large blocks of text.
  Packages        : http://angband.pl/debian/

I'm not sure if a single font family warrants a separate package.  Still, it
would be good to have this one in Debian as generally the readability of
existing free fonts is poor.

Compared to Bitstream Vera (which is currently the default Gnome font),
Antykwa Poltawskiego looks a lot better for larger chunks of text (as in a
web browser, text documents, etc) while being worse when it comes to
rendering random window text (dialogs, menus, etc).

The hinting information differs from upstream, as the upstream hints play
really poorly with freetype.  The hints I included (produced by fontforge
with hardly any manual intervention), on the other hand, fare pretty well,
as does the freetype autohinter.  On the gripping hand, now the win32
renderer hates the hints, but hey, the last time I checked, debian-win32
was dead...

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