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Bug#295331: maintenance of fetchmail package

On 02/16/05 01:14, Graham Wilson wrote:
On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 12:29:21AM -0300, Lucas Wall wrote:

On 02/16/05 00:21, Graham Wilson wrote:

Three people have stepped up to maintain the package. Would all of you
be interested in working together to co-maintain the pacakge? The
fetchmail source is already maintained in Subversion, so it seems this
could be coordinated easily.

Co-maintain is fine for me. Do you have an alioth project? or just an independent repo?

An independent repository. I suggest everyone who is interested to
subscribe to the fetchmail mailing lists at Berlios [1] and at CCIL [2].
I'll ask the other current project admins if I can create a list just
for Debian packaging.

Perfect. A mailing list would be very useful to collect bug reports and discuss packaging issues. Its much simpler than CCing. Any mailing list will do, if you can't create one there we can set up a project in Alioth.

Since upstream work is going slow, ideally everybody who is interested
would eventually help participate upstream.


It also seems that only one of the people interested is a developer. I'd
be happy to sponsor uploads if needed.

Perfect. If we co-maintain sponsor uploads won't be generally needed, but its good to know you have time to sponsor in case I'm not around.

Yes, I'd be glad for you to do uploads normally, and for me just to
serve as backup.

Perfect. Then we should just wait to see what Nico and Goswin feel about all this.


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