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Bug#295311: RFH: mysql-dfsg -- mysql database client library

Hello Jose

Nice to hear from you!

On 2005-02-15 José Luis Tallón wrote:
> >Although I'm happy for anybody who helps a but, I'm looking specifically
> >for an official Debian Developer as a Co-Maintainer who is able to upload
> >packages.
> >
> Yes, that is not (yet) my case, but will hopefully be very soon: I have 
> almost finished the Task&Skills part of my NM process now, and so i will 
> only need as much time as the DAM needs.
Good news.

> I am *much* more knowledgeable than one year and a half ago, when i 
> first offered some help. I have not been able to help as of late since i 
> don't have upload capability yet. Otherwise, feel free to tell me which 
> tasks you need help with.

Until you are allowed to upload yourself, helping is still easy, 
except from license issues it's mostly the number of bugs that takes 
a lot of time and where I start to loose overview:

You can answer any bug report you like. Even if you only close 1-2 bugs
per week that would still be great.



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