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Bug#187460: Need some help to package apache-lingerd

I've worked a lot on apache-lingerd the past two days ;
here is the result of my work :

get this tarball :

and run a dpkg-buildpackage inside ...

Everything should compile nicely.

You'll have every apache-* package (-ssl, --perl, ...) and a new one :

Despite of the fact that each package compiles nicely, it remains a
problem with the lingerd one :

- no httpd.conf is installed (I cannot find how the Apache Team handle
that file, it seems to be a nice trick to do with 
apache-lingerd.httpd.conf but I don't see exactly what).

- there may be some problems with postinst and preinst scripts too...

If someone, who knows how the Debian Apache Team works, can take an eye on my tarball, I would be gracefull.


PS : note that lingerd and apache-lingerd binaries are working very nice
on my box, the last issue is to fix all the debian (pre|post)stuff and
make sure evry conffile is installed correctly.

* Alexis Sukrieh (sukria@sukria.net) disait :
Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>
 * Another Linux Debian Geek Enthusiast
 * http://www.sukria.net

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