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Bug#237112: ITO: docbookide -- An Emacs Major Mode for Editing DocBook Documents

Kevin M. Rosenberg (kmr@debian.org) wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: normal
> I intend to orphan the docbookide package.
> Upstream has orphaned this package and states docbookide users should use
> nxml instead. nxml is already in Debian and is a superior solution.
> Unless someone wants to adopt this package and become upstream for it,
> I think this package should be removed from the Debian archive.

But if I read things correctly, nxml supports the Relax NG format.  So, how
about support for the DTD and XML schema (i.e. non-Relax NG) format?  Do we
now loose that support?  (I haven't looked into either of these packages in
detail yet, so please enlighten me).

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