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Bug#235747: O: xshipwars - Dynamic space-oriented gaming system

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Dynamic space-oriented gaming system

XShipWars is a highly customizable and dynamic space-oriented gaming system designed for play on the net. You create your own universes and build your own vessels with a huge array of customizable settings. Graphics/video/sound themes for XShipWars are created by many talented professional artists.

More information can be found at the XShipWars web site http://wolfpack.twu.net/ShipWars/XShipWars/ .

Orphaning since this game is outdated and upstream does not maintain it anymore (or at least for a few years). This is suppose to be a network game but the network code is really bad (TCP)...

Please play the game before adopting. I will file to remove this obsolete game from Debian if no one adopts it by end of April

If you are adopting, you should probably also adopt xshipwars-images-st and xshipwars-sounds-st. These should probably be combined with xshipwars and the bug fixed,


- Adam

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