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Bug#196473: Really, really ancient standards versions

reassign 196473 ftp.debian.org
retitle 196473 Please remove epic4-script-splitfire

* Stephen Stafford <ssta@linuxops.net> [2004-02-28 23:09]:
> I had a look at it recently and with changes made to the epic4
> scripting engine it's almost unusable (most of the eybindings broke
> for example).  I'd say it's certainly ripe for a "unless someone
> maintains this, it should be removed" call.  Anyone who does want to
> maintain it would need to know a fair bit about epic4 scripting...as
> it stands there's a fair bit of work required to make it work again
> properly.  It's close to needing a rewrite from scratch.

The WNPP bug basically says something similar.

RoQA; unusable/incompatible/broken, upstream vanished, needs rewrite
Martin Michlmayr

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