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Bug#173601: Closing ITP and uploading older GPLed version

Hi there.

I tried to upload the package a couple of times, but I got it rejected
because of license. It seems it's dual licensed, but there is a restriction
for commercial use which makes the package not QPL al all (iirc I packaged
only QPL versions, but maybe I'm wrong I just can't remember). I contacted
the author a couple of times and he said he was going to work on the
licensing issues, but I never got a response.
I would like to maintain the package anyway you can try to upload it, I
don't have too much time right now for Debian work :(, but as I told you
before probably it will be rejected again by ftp-master. The sources are
still at my website (and still not sure which versions I got there):
deb http://people.fluidsignal.com/~luferbu/debian unstable main
deb-src http://people.fluidsignal.com/~luferbu/debian unstable main

Have a nice day.

Luis Bustamante

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From: Christian BAYLE [mailto:bayle@aist.enst.fr]
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 11:08 PM
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Subject: Closing ITP and uploading older GPLed version

Hi Luis

I intent to upload GPLed 1.5.2 version of libphp-jpgraph you packaged.
We need it for gforge package.
Do you have any objection? want to keep the package as a maintainer?



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