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Bug#223781: usemod-wiki adoption

Charles Fry wrote:
> Are you still planning on maintaining usemod-wiki? As the new version
> still has not been packaged, and several months have elapsed since you
> expressed your intent to do so, I thought I would once again express my
> interest in working with someone to maintain usemod-wiki. As previously
> mentioned, I am not currently a developer, but as an active user of
> usemod-wiki I thought that this would be a great place to start.

Yes, I'm still on track for packaging usemod-wiki 1.0 and maintaining it
in the future.  Please note that it is not really true that "multiple
months have elapsed" since I expressed my intent to do so.  Please give me
a bit more time, i.e. two or three weeks, to prepare the first 1.0

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