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Bug#172189: OSG

>    So, what is the status of this ITP? We use openscenegraph at work and
> having it in Debian would be handy. If any help is needed, please tell
> me; I can upload packages or help fixing issues or whatever can be done
> to speed things up.

Excellent question, which I also ponder the answer to. I'm a little
pressed for time at the moment - staring out with a Master's degree
and trying to do lots of other things at the same time - I will have
to wait for things to settle own a little before I know if I will have
enough time to devote to something like this. (At the moment I believe
I won't have a lot.)

The last time I looked at OSG's build process, a couple of things were
"missing", in the lines of sonames, etc, which needed to be sorted out
with upstream before packaging could be finished. But that's about as
much as I currently know about the package's status.

Are there unofficial packages available? (I haven't checked recently.)
If not, providing them should not be too much of a problem. Getting
proper standards-compliant packages is what takes time.


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