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Bug#220347: ITP: xlibs-freedesktop -- X libraries (client-side) from freedesktop

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 22:04, Daniel Stone wrote:
> * Package name    : xlibs-freedesktop
>   Description     : X libraries (client-side) from freedesktop

How about symmetry with xserver-freedesktop:
"freedesktop.org X libraries (client side)"

> The freedesktop.org X client-side libraries (originally from XFree86),
> are a collection of various essential client-side libraries for using
> X11; these are a replacement for the XFree86 libraries that currently
> reside under the 'xlibs' package.

Replace the semicolon with a period, and s/these/xlibs-freedesktop/.

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