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Bug#184751: merge ITP notices?


My apologies, but I guess I did not search the bug database
well enough.  So, I filed #215185, an ITP for libunwind, the
library done by David Mosberger.  Fortunately, someone noticed
this and let me know about your ITP #184751.

Are you still interested in packaging libunwind?  If so, I'll
merge my bug report into yours.  If you are not interested,
then I'll merge your bug report into mine.

Based on your work, I've rebuilt the packages for the latest
version 0.93 (on ia64) and they can be found at:


I've started working with David a little on getting the i386
version working, too (it compiles, but fails the test cases).

Let me know how you wish to proceed.  I've got packages for
0.93 ready to upload most any time....

Thank you for your time and effort.

Al Stone

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