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Bug#111167: ITP: loop-aes-source -- AES-encryption loopback Linux kernel module

retitle 111167 ITP: loop-aes-source -- AES-encryption loopback Linux kernel module
submitter 111167 max@hinterhof.net

* Package name    : loop-aes-source
  Version         : 1.7e
  Upstream Author : Jari Ruusu <jari.ruusu@pp.inet.fi>
* URL             : http://loop-aes.sourceforge.net
* License         : GPL
  Description     : AES-encryption loopback Linux kernel module
  This package contains the source code required to build the loop-aes
  loadable kernel module for Linux. It has the AES (Rijndael) cipher
  built-in and can be used to encrypt local file systems and disk
  Secrets can be stored in a GnuPG-encrypted keyfile. It has instructions
  on how to set up encrypted swap memory.
  Additional ciphers (Blowfish, Twofish and Serpent) can be used if the
  loop-aes-ciphers-source package is installed and has been set up by the
  user. Using these ciphers, loop-aes can access encryped volumes that 
  were created by a cryptoapi (kerneli.org) module.
  The loop-aes-source package has been provided for use with the Debian
  kernel-package utility to produce a version of loop-aes-module for your

Preliminary packages of 

  (and aespipe, see #215755)

are available from

  deb http://hinterhof.net/~max/debian ./
  deb-src http://hinterhof.net/~max/debian ./

I need someone to review and sponsor loop-aes-source
and maybe loop-aes-ciphers-source (ITP pending), if 
you are interested please contact me. 


Max Vozeler <max@hinterhof.net> GnuPG ID: B7CDA2DC
308E 81E7 B979 63BC A0E6  ED88 9D5B D511 B7CD A2DC

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