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Bug#211120: ITP: gnat-gdb -- Ada-aware version of GDB

Here are my reasons for adding this package to Debian:

- GDB 6.0 is not even in unstable yet.  Unless it has a fair chance of
  making it into Sarge, I think gnat-gdb would be appropriate.

- I am not sure that GDB 6.0 will work with Public versions of GNAT
  (3.14p, 3.15p).  My proposed package does.

- ACT has not formally released an Ada-aware version of GDB 6.0. If
  they have such a version, it is in their CVS and I would rather
  package a released version.

I have tested my proposed package personally and found it to work
without any problems.  If anyone wants to test it, it is available

deb http://users.skynet.be/ludovic.brenta testing main

(the source package does not fit in my personal web space; please
email me if you want a copy).

However, I am more than willing to forego gnat-gdb if GDB 6.0 does fit
the bill and does make it into Sarge.

Ludovic Brenta.

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